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The Johnson Family: Matt and Vivian, Hannah and Aaron.

Hello, we’re the Johnson Family — Matt, Vivian, Hannah, and Aaron, and a cat named Zoey. We live in the Omaha metro area and have been having lots of fun and writing all about it for over twelve years now.

The Cornstalker’s Journal originally started on blogspot.com, back in the pre-Facebook era when our small cluster of friends used “blogs” to tell the world what they were doing. I started this one shortly after I had my first date with Vivian, the woman who would later become my wife. She had a blog of her own, and for some reason I thought creating one would impress her. It chronicles our entire relationship together, from the moment we “made it official” and started dating to today. Along the way, I chronicled fun with the Omaha Jitterbugs, long-distance friends in Comic Genesis, and anything else fun that happened here in Omaha.

It’s a purely personal blog, of interest only to me, my immediate family, and my extended network of friends. Is there a reason anyone else would enjoy it? I don’t know, but if you like the voyeurism of peeking at my life through the thousands of pictures I’ve posted online, so be it. I will list a few key points before concluding this summary:

  • I’m a graphic designer working full-time in Omaha and freelancing during my off hours, You can check out my resume and portfolio at my professional web site, mattaj.com. (Though I don’t usually write about work-related stuff here.)
  • Most of this blog consists of the random, fun things we do with our family and friends every week, including swing dancing, playing at the park, going on trips, attending concerts, and participating in whatever photo-worthy activities are happening nearby.
  • I have drawn a few web comics throughout the last decade. My first was Cortland and appeared on Comic Genesis and the e-zine ATPM. I started drawing Out at Five in 2008 and still update it every now and then. I’ve met many wonderfully cool people online in the world of web comics, and I’ve traveled all over the place to meet up with them in person: St. Louis, Nashville, Toronto, and even London, England.
  • I regularly post photos on Flickr and occasionally post videos on YouTube.
  • You’ll see pictures of me eating. A lot. And food. Lots of it. Omaha’s a great place to eat, and we have plenty of friends who know how to cook very well, including my wife. I’ve gained several pounds because of this, and I’m not ashamed of it (well, maybe a little bit). I also have the irritating habit of taking pictures of anything interesting I eat. If you’re into food porn, you’ll appreciate this. If you don’t, you have my pity.
  • I’m a political junkie and I love being engaged in our political system by meeting and greeting (and getting to photograph) people who represent us, both Republicans and Democrats. That includes local politicians as well as nearly everyone who ran for President in 2016 (living this close to Iowa makes it easy). I’m a staunch conservative, but I try to keep my blog politically neutral (and always try to hear both sides).
  • Last but not least, most of my blog entries have hyperlinks leading to additional photos to provide context and information to each post. Click on them! They are presented in a “lightbox” format so you won’t actually leave the page.

That’s it. Happy reading! If you want to post a comment, please do. It’s the only way I know for sure anybody reads this thing.

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