I started a blog today

I signed up for my blog today on Blogger.com. I’ve heard some good things about the service here and I thought it would be worth trying out. I’ve never had a “Blog” before in my life, mostly because I’ve usually kept all my rants, and opinions to myself, in general. Some of my friends have blogs of their own, though, so I thought it might be a cool way to share some of the things I’ve been up to with the people I know.

So here’s my first post. I suppose I had to start somewhere!

2 thoughts on “I started a blog today

  1. Sarah

    That’s right, you did say you had a blog one night at swing didn’t you? (It’s Sarah from JNO, by the way.) One of us online Jitterbugs really needs to get together a central list of Jitterbug blog owners so we can find each other and steal pictures– I mean, see what’s going on in others’ lives. Right now, I think Eric’s and Viv’s friends lists are the best places. Ah well. Welcome to the world of blogging.

  2. Matt J.

    Hey, Sarah! Yes, somebody needs to corrall all the Jitterblogs we have going online here. Wow, you’ve been doing this since 2001? I feel so young an inexperienced now.


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