Driving to Omaha

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been putting a whole bunch of extra miles on my poor little Taurus. You see, I live and work in Lincoln, Nebraska, but I’ve been spending more and more time communiting to Omaha on the weekends. Since I discovered the Omaha Jitterbugs last May, I’ve been going regularly to Jitterbugs Night Out, almost every Friday. Just recently, I signed up for more Lindy Hop classes on Wednesday nights, which gives me another commute to Omaha. On Saturday, I had another trip up to Omaha to attend a joint birthday party for some mutual friends in Omaha who I’d met through swing dance and got to try some country dancing, limbo, and even the macarena. I was going to return to Omaha yet again this evening to attend Terra Nova, but tonight’s event was cancelled due to the weather. Next week I’m planning on coming back, however, because on Saturday night a local improv group will be putting on a show and I’m going to take along some friends to go see them. All in all, I’m putting several hundred extra miles on my car every week, but you know something? It’s worth it. I’ve made so many cool friends out in Omaha that I’m starting to include some of them regularly in my web comic. Last night, several people told me that I should just go break down and move to Omaha rather than spend all this time driving back and forth. I’ve had the same thoughts myself. Several people manage to commute between Lincoln and Omaha every day, so it’s certainly possible. I wouldn’t be saving any gas, of course, until my trips to Omaha become more than five a week. Of course, at this rate, that may soon happen.

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