Friday Night Jazz

On Friday night, some of my jitterbugging friends and I went down to Jazz in downtown Omaha to enjoy some cajun cooking and some swing dancing to a live Dixieland band playing up above. It was quite interesting doing the Lindy Hop in the middle of a restaurant with patons and waiters all around, but it was quite an enjoyable experience.

The lovely Vivian and I mix it up on the floor
while trying not to bump into patrons and servers swarming around us.

Dan and Sara danced even longer than we did.
You can tell by the spot they’re slowly wearing into the floor there.

It was a great time, as always. This group from Jitterbugs has been so much fun, they’ve worked their way into my webcomic. On Saturday night, I went with a bunch of my friends from bible study and joined them in Omaha to watch 88improv, a local improv comedy group, put on a show. I volunteered to go up on stage and participate in one of the games. Vivian was able to get a picture or two of me to post in her blog.

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