Taco Party: Part 2

I’m still recovering from what turned out to be an exciting, snow-bound weekend in Omaha. As I mentioned in my last post, a blizzard that wandered through Nebraska Saturday night left a couple of us held up in Vivian and Jenny’s apartment overnight. I knew the snow was coming before I drove up to Omaha, but I wasn’t going to let a little weather keep me from a fun-filled Taco Party.

Lindy in the kitchen Viv is special

We started the evening off with a little dinner and dancing, all in the kitchen. Once everybody had gotten their fill of delicious make-your-own tacos, Eric and Vivian took the floor for a little swing dancing. She’s a very special lady.

Jenga! Ben's dilemma

Next came games, which included an intense game of Jenga. Every time someone took a block from that tower it felt like they were about to defuse a bomb. If you check out Eric’s blog, you can see the video from when the tower finally came down.

Taking fire Snowball wall

As the snow started to accumulate, some of the guys took to the hill in the backyard to try some sledding. Unfortunately, the snow was too wet and the slope was too flat for them to get very far, so before long they gave up and started attacking the back door with snowballs. A few of them came through, causing massive damage to the wall and the side of Jenny’s head. (In all fairness, the guys felt bad about the mess they made and cleaned up the kitchen to say they were sorry. They’re nice guys.)

Cozy at 2 AM The morning after

The party started to thin out around ten o’clock, but the rest of us stayed up until around 3 AM watching Quantum Leap and hanging out. Hugh, Natalie, and I opted to spend the night rather than risk the slippery roads to head back home. It was probably a wise decision, because on my drive home to Lincoln the next morning, I-80 was littered with stuck semi trucks, vans, and cars that had slid off the road during the storm. Hugh and I crashed in the living room overnight and I woke up the next morning with a severe case of bed head.

Sunday Breakfast Chicken alfredo

Vivian and Jenny were nice enough to make us all waffles for breakfast the next morning! I was hungry again around 3 PM, so Viv and I got to make Chicken Alfredo together. I had the strange feeling that we’d done this sort of thing before. Deja vu!

All in all, it was an awesome weekend at Vivian’s. I’m looking forward to the next big blizzard.

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