London Trip: Day Five

It’s been another busy day of sightseeing in London, and boy are my feet tired! It feels like I’ve been walking all over the place. This morning I walked around Leicester Square again and checked out some of the celebrity handprints embedded in the ground. Then I walked up and checked out Buckingham Palace. I had missed the changing of the guards, but I might be able to see that tomorrow.

I met up with Neko and Lag from Comic Genesis and we hopped over to the Tate Modern to make fun of some of the “art” there. Then we stopped by St. Paul’s Cathedral for a peek inside before going out to dinner at a Japanese restaurant and then heading on to a figure drawing class to brush up on some drawing skills.

That evening I went Swing dancing at the 100 Club on Oxford Street and happened to bump into Simon Selmon, something of a swing dancing celebrity here in London. Sarah from the Omaha Jitterbugs had given me his book on swing dancing, so I just had to get a picture of the two of us to show her when I came home. At the end of the night, I wound up taking a night bus when I missed my stop on the last train home. London seems to shut down entirely after midnight when the public transportation systems all close. This is quite ironic considering I’m quite used to staying out well past on weekends with friends because I can always drive myself home on my own with my car. Their double-decker buses do seem to run 24-hours, though, so I got to see little parts of London from the second floor, which was very amusing at 2:30 AM.

And now for some sleep before my last day in England!

One thought on “London Trip: Day Five

  1. matt

    Hey Matt, it was a pleasure meeting you, and I hope you enjoyed being here as much as I do.

    That way you’ll come back.



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