London Trip: Day Four

The comic convention is all done and over with now, but I still have a couple days left to enjoy London and see all the sights. Today, I went down to take a ride on the London eye. I took plenty of pictures and video while I was up there, but then it rained just as we reached the top, which was annoying. I had a great view up there for a couple minutes, but all things concerned, it really wasn’t worth the hour-long wait in line. On the way back across Westminster Bridge, I stopped to buy a gift for Vivian: her name made up in a piece of wire, courtesy of a street peddler right there on the bridge.

After the ride on the eye, I took the tube down to Camden Town to meet up with my comic friends to see a movie called Hot Fuzz, which was an absolutely hilarious cop buddy movie from the guys who made Sean of the Dead. I hope it comes out in the US so I can take my brother to see it. Before the movie, we got to pose behind a promotion cut out poster for Meet the Robinsons. Yet another chance to ham it up.

Afterwards, we went to crash a nearby pub called the Misty Moon. I had Shepherd’s Pie and chips, which was a tasty new English dish for me. There was a fair amount of tomfoolery all around before we all headed on home.

Two days left!

4 thoughts on “London Trip: Day Four

  1. Matt J.

    Hi, Marc! It was very cool meeting you. Thanks the pint and helping me pick out some genuine English foods to bring back home. Viv’s been enjoying them so far, I think. ^_^


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