London Trip: Day Six

It’s my last day here in merry old England. I was up early this morning to go down to Maggie’s in Lewisham for an English breakfast with bacon, sausage, egg, beans, some “fried slice,” which is toast fried up and crunchy, and this stuff called “bubble,” which is like some kind of potatoes. I heading on down to Buckingham Palace to catch the changing of the guard. There was some special procession on horses marching around the palace, so I couldn’t see the guards right away when I arrived. I couldn’t even tell if they were “changing” properly or not, as they seemed to be marching about rather than standing still this time around. Dumb yank, I am.

I spent most of the afternoon checking out museums with Claude and Sincerely. We went by the V&A Museum first, which had a huge collection of all sorts of things from displaced Cathedral sculptures to samples of Indian rugs and samurai armor.

We went by the Natural History Museum next, which had some lovely dinosaurs and stuffed mammals to check out. It was all very educational. Afterwards, a reader of mine took me out for a pint and gave me the Hogfather on DVD as two AVIs, so I’ll have something to watch on the flight home tomorrow.

My trip is almost over, and I’m honestly quite eager to get back home!



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