London Trip: Day Two

Me and my first pint! Dinner at a Japanese Restaurant

It’s been another busy day here in London! Down at the World’s End pub in Camden Town, I met several of my fellow web comic artists for the first time, including Komiyan, Neko, War, Robin Pierce, Laura, and Lag the Noggin, all of whom are frequent visitors to the Comic Genesis forums and IRC. I’ve known some of these people for a year or two and had never met them before in person, which was awesome. I also got to drink my first pint at a real English pub, which was terrific. Afterwards, we all went out to have Japanese food together at Wagamama.

All of Roy's Tickets

After dinner, we stopped by an arcade at the Trocadero to play a few rounds of Dance Dance Revolution. Claude’s friend Roy managed to win around 165 tickets at a quiz game, and he pulled a seemingly endless line of yellow tickets from a machine that he wore around his neck for the rest of our time there.

An Apple Ad No Busking Sign

It’s funny how subtly different things seems to be over here. For example, Apple has the same Mac and PC campaign, but they apparently have different actors to play the parts for the British. I’m not familiar with either of these guys, but they are supposed to celebrities of some kind over here, I think.

Vivian also asked me to come back with some local British lingo, so here’s some: busking! I saw a sign that said, “No busking” in Victoria station. I was worried for a minute because I had no idea what “busking” was. It turns out that busking is just playing music for tips in public thoroughfares.

Krispy Kreme at Waterloo Station

At the end of the night, we stopped for one last drink at a pub in Waterloo. I saw a familiar sign there and just had to stop and take a picture. This picture’s for you, dad.

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