Vivian visits Lincoln


On Saturday, Vivian drove down to spend the afternoon with me in Lincoln! After a quick lunch at the Green Gateau, I took her for a tour of the Capitol building, but it was unfortunately closed for the day. No wonder it was so easy to find parking. We did manage to get a good look at the statue of Honest Abe out front.

King of the mountain Viv plays Super Mario 3 on Nathan's laptop

On the drive back home, Viv wanted to see where I went to church, so I took her by North Star High School where we’re meeting until we can raise enough money for a more permanent building. The large parking lot had been plowed recently, leaving a few giant mountains of snow in the middle of the lot. I climbed up on one and got to play King of the Mountain for a few minutes.

I took Viv by my brother’s apartment so she could meet him for the first time. We broke out his MacBook and took turns playing Super Mario Bros. 3 on an emulator. All three of us had grown up playing that game, and it brought back some fond memories. It was funny to see how much we each remembered about that game, like where all the secret items were hidden and which levels contained a secret Tanooki Suit.

Vivian meets Mike & Bekah Matt, Viv, and Alexa on the couch

After we were done visiting with Nathan, Viv and I went to have dinner with my old friends Mike and Bekah and their children Drew and Alexa. I also let Drew take a couple pictures of Viv and me with his sister Alexa. Not bad photographic skill for a two-year-old!

In other news the snow from our weekly blizzard is melting, and the forecast calls for above-freezing temperatures all week, which is indeed a blessing. I’m really looking forward to spring.

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