Another busy weekend in Lincoln and Omaha

I’ve been having so much fun between Lincoln and Omaha these last couple of days that I must be wearing a permanent groove down a certain stretch of I-80. On Thursday, Eric and I had a guy’s night out in Omaha and went to the Dave & Buster’s in Omaha for dinner, and then enjoyed some embarrassing karaoke and arcade games. I had to take the opportunity to make a fool of myself singing Hungry like the Wolf. Eric sent Viv a snapshot of me via his cell phone, and she was able to guess instantly which song I was singing.

On Friday, Viv drove down to Lincoln to visit me at work, and then we hung out with my brother for the afternoon. We ate lunch together and watched The Incredibles, a movie Viv has surprisingly never seen before. Afterwards, she took some time to show Nathan how to swing dance. He was surprisingly very good at it from the start, much better than many of the other beginners I’ve observed at Jitterbugs’ Night Out (myself included). Afterwards, we took a drive in the country and Nathan got some video of Viv and me doing the Lindy Hop in a cow pasture.

Afterwards, we went by Mike and Bekah’s for a cookout on their driveway. We grilled up some hamburgers made with some fresh Nebraska beef and dressed with HP Sauce I brought back from England. I told them all about my trip to England and then showed them some of my pictures afterwards.

I drove Viv back up to Omaha so we could dance for an hour or so at Jitterbugs Night Out, and then we crashed at a Village Inn with some friends, enjoying pie and late night breakfast while looking at some of Dan Wondra’s hilarious caricatures.

The next day, Viv came down to spend the day in Lincoln. We had lunch together and then went by the mall for some clothes shopping. It was very cool to help each other pick out some new outfits to wear next week for Jitterbugs’ Night Out, and I also had some unexpected opportunities to do some “boyfriend” things. Viv found one of those “crane games,” where you pay 50 cents to try to grab a plush Care Bear or something from a large bin. I’d never had any luck with these things before, but when I took a shot at it, I was able to nab her a Wish Bear! We also came across a photo booth on our way out of the mall, so we absolutely had to stop by and get some pictures taken of the two of us in there. I’d always wanted to try out one of these things. We hurried on out of the mall afterwards so we could swing by an Arby’s for a couple Jamocha shakes and then drive up to a spot I’d picked out a few weeks ago to watch the sunset.

Saturday sunset

I spread out a blanket and watched the sunset together as the stars came out. I’d found this spot taking a walk weeks ago and wanted to share it with Viv ever since. It was a very romantic ending to the day! Of course, I had to take Viv over to a Scooters to make sure she had some caffeine before her long drive home.

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