Meet the Robinsons

Meet the Robinsons (with flash)Credits

I saw Meet the Robinsons with a bunch of friends from the Omaha Jitterbugs tonight. It was a very enjoyable movie, with a great story and some very creative characters. I actually got to meet someone who worked on the film at the Balboa fest last week, Stephen V. Hwan. He worked on the lighting effects for the film, and his name appears prominently in the ending credits. He’s actually been attending events held by the Omaha Jitterbugs for years, and it was very cool to meet him and talk about his work with Disney while he was in town.

Eric and Vivian dance at Moe's

Afterwards, we went by Moe’s to get some big old burritos to eat. Eric also decided to take to the floor with some dancing, using the vivacious Vivian as a deadly weapon against an unsuspecting Steve. Then we crashed at Troy and Merinda’s for an exciting round of Apples to Apples. One of these days we’re going to get a bunch of blank cards for that game and write in our own custom answers.

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