Three-month Anniversary

It’s been three short months since the vivacious Vivian Taber and I have been a couple, and those of you who know her best understand just how lucky I am. She’s a special lady, even without the sticker, and the short time we’ve spent together has produced enough memories to knock Grizzabella off the Heaviside Layer:

  • Red arrows that I ignored.
  • A quick change of clothes at a yield sign.
  • Cold bags of Panera bread
  • Hot mugs of Swiss Miss.
  • Taco parties and snowballs that stick to the wall.
  • A very handy umbrella at Hummel park.
  • Losing contacts on the carpet.
  • Balboa on an icy rooftop.
  • Lindy Hop in a cow pasture.
  • Swinging on a lamppost in Dundee. Dancing on a snowy street.
  • Piggyback rides.
  • Shrimp alfredo. Meatloaf. A giant chef salad.
  • Cooking together. Dining by candlelight.
  • Running to meet her at the airport.
  • Tea and crumpets and hotcross buns, HP sauce and digestive biscuits.
  • Making the stars come out while cuddling in an open field.
  • The blue book I keep by my bedside.
  • The wonderful smell of peony.
  • An angel’s voice singing God’s praises at Terra Nova.
  • How a certain theme song will never sound the same again.

And do you know what’s amazing? The best is yet to come. Happy Anniversary, Viv!

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