Wild Animals at the Zoo

We had some gorgeous weather this weekend and it brought out the wild side in a few of the Jitterbugs, specifically Vivian, who was looking more vivacious than ever in a leopard print shirt I picked out for her while shopping last week.

On Saturday, we took advantage of the nice weather and went down to the Henry-Doorly Zoo in Omaha to see some of the animals. We got to walk the full length of the park, from the small animals in the south west corner to the rhinos and elephants up in the north section, and I got loads of pictures all along the way. We even got to see a male peacock running loose and strutting its stuff, trying to impress a female nearby.

In front of the rhinos Viv with the peacock

Afterwards, we made some pizza for dinner and then went to see Amazing Grace at the 20 Grand. It was an excellent movie, and I really enjoyed it even though I often get bored with historical dramas.

On Sunday, Viv came down to Lincoln to attend church with me, and then we went to have Popeye’s chicken for lunch up by Branched Oak Lake. I almost cut the day off short because I desperately needed to clean up my apartment and do some laundry, but Viv insisted on staying and helping me clean out the kitchen. She got that place cleaner that it had been in a long, long time. My mom is just going to love her. I wanted to make dinner for Viv before she headed back to Omaha, but she didn’t want me messing up the kitchen again so soon, so I got us a pizza instead. Viv told me very sternly to keep it clean for her so I could cook for her next time she’s by.

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