Jim’s Birthday Bash!

A bunch of us gathered in Papillion yesterday to celebrate our friend Jim’s birthday at the Papio Fun Park. It was a great time, and I got to feel like a little kid again with all the cool stuff they had for us to do there.

IMG_1817.jpg Charlie's Angels

We got to have a race in some go carts to start the evening off. My 6’2″ frame was crammed into a tiny red car meant mostly for little kids, so I wound up looking a bit silly and lagging behind for most of the race. Afterward, we got to play some Laser Tag and worked off some of that sugar rush we got from all the cake.

Olin lights the candles IMG_1832.jpg

And speaking of cake, we had two for our dear friend, Jim. Naturally, though, eating it wasn’t nearly as much fun as using it as a deadly weapon against everyone we could find. I had to defend Viv as Olin advanced on her with a fistful of chocolate cake, but it was all in good fun. We probably got more cake on our clothes and the ground that a party full of five-year-olds. There’s nothing quite that to make you feel like a kid again! If the good folks at the Papio Fun Center are crazy enough to have us back, I’m going to have to try the miniature golf, batting cages, and some of the other activities they have here.

Jim's birthday group photo

Happy Birthday, Jim!

Video Update! I filled up my entire 1 GB memory card with pictures and some video of our antics on Wednesday night. I put a few choice clips up on YouTube for your amusement:



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