Memorial Day Weekend and the B-52s

It was a beautiful Memorial Day weekend here in Nebraska, the perfect time for picnics or enjoying the great outdoors. I spent most of my time in Omaha, predictably, enjoying the nice weather with Vivian and some of our mutual friends.

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On Saturday, after a hearty breakfast of bacon and egg burritos, we spent the afternoon with a couple of Vivian’s co-workers and their families at a cabin in a beautiful little recreation area near the Platte river. We got to walk through some lush green forests and check out some of the monster catfish living in the river and in a nearby lake. We also set up a bonfire with deadwood, grass, and boxes of Natty Ice, and we roasted some milk jugs to hear the strange chirping sounds they made as they boiled down to a stub. I got plenty of pictures and video to share, of course.

IMG_2136.jpg IMG_2138.jpg

After an enormous dinner of smoked turkey and beef brisket, Viv and I went up to Papillion for a free B-52s concert to celebrate the opening of the Shadow Lake mall! I’ve been a fan of the B-52s for years, and there’s nothing quite like doing the Lindy Hop to Love Shack. Our friends Dan and Sara even got to be on TV as the camera crew from channel 3 spotted them dancing and decided to grab a few minutes of it for the ten o’clock news.

Playing Outburst Corey and Ben shrinkwrap John's car

After the concert, we drove back up to west Omaha to visit our friend Hugh for his housewarming party. We got to stuff ourselves even further with chips, veggies, and Jenny’s watermelon cake. Some of the guys decided to arm wrestle downstairs while the girls played Outburst. Then Corey and Ben decided to shrinkwrap Jon’s car.

IMG_2195.jpg IMG_2203.jpg

On Sunday, I got to go to church with Vivian at the Bellevue Christian Center. Afterwards, we grabbed lunch from the Baker’s deli to eat down by the Gene Leahy mall for yet another afternoon of Lindy in the Park. Viv and Dean got to take turns leading each other, which was very cute to see. We got ice cream again from Ted and Wally’s (the green tea ice cream had real tea leaves in it!) to cool off after the dance, and then Viv and joined Terra Nova for a picnic in Elmwood park that evening to say goodbye to the group for one last time.

IMG_2228.jpg Rainbow!

On Monday, I got to make Vivian a breakfast burrito before she and Jenny headed out for a long day of bike riding. Soon I hope to acquire my own bike so I can join them next time. I spent the rest of the day with my brother Nathan as we munched on Subway sandwiches and watched GalaxyQuest. We got a bit of rain during the day and toward evening there was a beautiful rainbow overhead afterwards. It was a touching little end to a very lovely weekend!

Of course, no weekend this big would be complete without a couple home movies, courtesy of my little Canon Powershot:

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