Pick the spam!


Viv won a “spam bank” at the 80s party last Friday, and that inspired a game this morning: “Pick the Spam!” Read the following subject lines of actual “spam” e-mail messages I received today and try to determine which kind of spam they are! Here are your choices:

  1. Drug pusher (Viagra! Cialis! All spelled with 1337 garbage to try to fool your spam filter!)
  2. “Pump and dump” stock scam (those four-letter words on the “pink sheets” assured
    to drop like a rock once you buy them!)

Are you ready? Here we go!

  1. A horner which hanceville
  2. ALERT: to excellent
  3. As kewadin between frenchville
  4. do whichever is paid
  5. Finally found this here
  6. her mernard on milanville
  7. Might be great to us
  8. REPLY ASAP: qhuman
  9. To each marks
  10. URGENT: Or concept

How did you do? Check your answers below:
1: b, 2: a, 3: b, 4: b, 5: a, 6: b, 7: a, 8: a, 9: b, 10: a.

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