Making up for lost time

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Viv and I have been making up for lost time this week, and we’ve been doing things together every day since last Wednesday. We started things off on a date in the Old Market, getting some Mexican food and looking around some of the galleries in the Passageway. Afterwards, we went on a romantic carriage ride through the Old Market and I gave her an emerald I had been saving since the St. Louis Cookout. I was parched and stopped by a Cubby’s for something to drink, and Viv naturally found the cheese section and was immediately taken by such unusual varieties as Red Leicester that one wouldn’t normally find in a gas station / deli.

On Thursday, Viv came down to Lincoln to have dinner with Mike and Bekah, and we got to show them some swing dance moves on the nice, large wooden floor of their new house. They got to try a little east coast swing on their own, but weren’t quite ready for a boogie drop just yet.

Friday was our Jitterbugs’ Night Out, as usual, and we both took a role-reversal class where I got to follow and Viv got to lead, which was certainly interesting. This time, Viv could tell me what I’m doing wrong from a whole new perspective! On Saturday, I came back up for a dinner date to the Dundee Dell and then we caught the midnight showing of The Breakfast Club, which was a great movie from the 80s and especially enjoyable to see on the big screen.

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On Sunday, we went to church together and stopped by Lindy in the Park for another afternoon of dancing together. It was a much better crowd this time around as a countless number old friends seemed to show up, including Liya and multiple Sarahs. Afterward, Viv and I toured the Omaha Arts Festival and checked out some of the many paintings, sculptures, and other things being sold on the streets downtown. It was definitely a fun-filled week, and now I’ll just have one day to recover before heading back up to celebrate our five-month anniversary together!

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