Prairie Cats at the Lauritzen Gardens

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Viv and I celebrated our five months together by joining some of our Jitterbug friends at the Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha where the Prairie Cats were playing. It was awfully hot and humid outside, but that didn’t keep over a dozen of us from working up a sweat outside dancing to their swinging tunes. We all had a great time, and I was quite happy to give Viv somebody to dance with this time around. Onion-Boy has his side of the story posted here.

1 thought on “Prairie Cats at the Lauritzen Gardens

  1. Mae

    Looks like you guys had fun!
    Happy Anniversary!

    On a dancing note… Cornstalker, I wanted to see if you would be up to the task of creating a cool poster for this year’s Cowtown event. It would be a great help in promotions.
    E-mail me at


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