St. Louis Cookout: Day 1

IMG_2367.jpg IMG_2394.jpg

I’m spending a four-day weekend in St. Louis meeting up with around fifty different web comic friends from Comic Genesis. The hotel has free wireless Internet access, but that doesn’t include access to e-mail, so unfortunately I won’t be able to respond to anybody who e-mails me until I’m back in Nebraska. I am able, however, to share pictures of the antics happening here, and I’ll be loading pictures gradually into my Flickr account as the fun unfolds.

I flew down this afternoon and had a late lunch with everybody at the Sunrise cafe, which was the same little place we’d eaten before we all left last year. Then we returned to the hotel to crash in Mr. and Mrs. Kolter’s room for some sketching and other stuff as the rest of the group started to arrive.

IMG_2426.jpg IMG_2455.jpg

That evening, Sonic was giving away free root beer floats, so we all drove down to get some at the drive-in. I took off with Fading Aura afterwards to get some frozen custard from Ted Drewes, a landmark place here in St. Louis that has been around since 1930 or so.