St. Louis Cookout: Day 2

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We’ve had another busy day here in St. Louis. Vorticus started off giving signature backrubs during breakfast, and then eight of us decided to go downtown to see the Arch.

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I had been up inside the arch once before when I was a kid, but this was a first-time visit for most of the members of our group. The crowds were much thinner than the last time I was here, and we got our tickets and rode to the top fairly quickly.

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Down underneath the arch, we had some fun trying to get pictures of both us and the monument at the same time.

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After seeing the arch, we stopped by a cafe downtown to get some lunch. We had to stop by a few of the Internet kiosks to let a few of us check in online at the forums. It was quite hilarious to see how the lot of us, despite traveling from all over the country to meet-up in person in St. Louis, drove right back into our online worlds.

Back at the hotel, Dave managed to injure himself at the pool by kicking the ladder. It required a trip to the hospital to get 19 stitches for his foot. He also had a hairline fracture on one of his toes.

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That evening, we gathered our funds and ordered a couple dozen pizzas for the group. Then Legostar gave a bunch of us a swing dance lesson at eight o’clock. There’s nothing quite like being able to go swing dancing on a Friday night with a bunch of my buddies from the online world. Then Lego and his girlfriend Amanda demonstrated a few other dances for us, including Lindy Hop, Balboa, and the Masochism Tango.

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