Happy Birthday, Onion-Boy!

Outside Old Chicago Eric's Present

Last night in Omaha, a whole bunch of Jitterbugs and other friends gathered to celebrate Eric/Onion-Boy‘s 43rd 29th birthday at Old Chicago. We had a good time goofing around over pizza and drinks and then went to Eric’s house (aka the Lazy Onion Ranch) to open presents and make smores over an open fire. Viv and I gave Eric an Order of the Stick role-playing game that we’d bought way back on Free Comic Book Day from a comic shop in Omaha, so it was a gift a long time coming.

It was a great night for good food, good friends, and the occasional embarrassing mix-up of medical terminology (not to mention TMI comments from yours truly). Naturally, I had my new digital camera ready and was snapping pictures and video of all the fun to share with you guys, just in case you missed it.



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