Making memories again

Viv dances with Takeshi Viv Rocking Out!

I’ve been busy at work during the last week doing a load of freelance work and preparing for another trade show in Las Vegas. I was finally able to break away from my work to have some fun in Omaha on Thursday, when Viv and I joined some of our Jitterbuddies at Jazz on the Green. We danced in front of hundreds of people out on the eastern steps of the Joslyn art museum. Back at her apartment, Viv showed me her new guitar and gave me my own personal concert. She’s so pretty in pink.

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On Saturday, I went with Viv to her mom’s for a delicious brunch of quiche, berries, sausage, and pecan rolls. Afterwards, we drove back down to Lincoln where I bought a new camera. As some of you know, my Canon PowerShot A620 was most likely stolen out of the passenger seat of my car sometime between June 18 and 19 last month, so I wound up buying a new A630, which was almost identical to my old camera, except it has a slightly larger screen and a little better resolution. I didn’t realize how much I missed having a digital camera until I suddenly became giddy about taking pictures again. That evening, Viv and I joined some of our Jitterbug friends at Becky Moore’s house for an ice cream party, swing dancing, and a game of Apples to Apples.

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Sunday brought us back to Omaha, where we both went clothes shopping to get some things to wear to a wedding this Saturday and for me to wear to Las Vegas next week. Afterwards, we dropped by the Gene Leahy mall to dance in the sweltering heat for Lindy in the Park. Afterwards was our usual run for ice cream, swimming, and fun for the rest of the evening. For dinner, Viv and I went to Whole Foods and had a big vegetarian dinner made mostly of things like couscous, tofu, and some things we’d never tried or even heard of before.

It was a great weekend overall, but the best part is that I was finally able to capture the fun again with a new camera. Being able to take out my camera and grab shots of my friends or a gorgeous sunset whenever one happens to appear is just priceless. I’m still hoping to track down the old one. I was able to retrieve the serial number for my original camera, so I’m planning on filing a report with the local police department and see what they can help me turn up.

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  1. E

    Looks like the two of you are hamming it up as usual 😛

    Also what a lovely sunset. Similar to the one I saw out at the Lake this weekend.



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