Meet the Parents

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My parents have been on a trip for the last couple of weeks driving across the United States and meeting a lot of friends and family along the way. They spent this week with me and my brother Nathan here in Nebraska. They were able to give Nathan his birthday present. He’s now the proud owner of a Nintendo Wii, a video game system so unique and advanced it can’t be purchased anywhere in corn country. On Wednesday we drove up to Omaha so my parents could meet Vivian for the first time. My dad treated us all to dinner at Fuddrucker’s, a family favorite place since we lived in Alabama, and then we returned to Viv’s to watch some slides of us growing up and then play a round of Balderdash before having some of Viv’s delicious cherry cheesecake. It was a great night, and I learned that my mom and Viv have a lot in common. I suppose I inherited my dad’s good taste in women.



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