Shaking Booty and Belated Birthdays

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I made no less than three trips to Omaha this weekend, driving up on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to have a bunch of friends with the usual gang of jitterbugs. On Saturday, Viv and I made some cookies together and went to see KC and the Sunshine Band in Memorial Park. They were giving a free concert, so we got to shakes our booties to their groovy tunes with tens of thousands of other people. Then we got to watch some fireworks after the show before scooting on up to Jitterbugs Night Out.

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On Saturday, I drove back up to Omaha with Nathan, and we played Dungeons and Dragons for a couple hours with Viv, Ben, “Onion Boy” and “Schmendrick.” Viv got to wear her tiara and play the role of Princess Cheeseviv of the House of Brie. Schmendrick played a rather obnoxious bard who failed to steal a ring from a corpse and then had a wand blind everyone in the vicinity while trying to figure out what it was for. Nathan’s Barbarian spent most of the time stomping out ogres and goblins with relative ease as my rogue sat back and watched. After the game, we made a fire and then Viv brought out the delicious Blueberry Cake she had made to celebrate Nathan’s birthday. She’s such a sweet lady.

Eric / Onion Boy has his side of the story posted here.

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On Sunday, I came back up for some dancing at Lindy in the Park, which had a very nice crowd show up despite the heat. Cliff was there getting pictures, as usual. I soaked through my new Jitterbug T-shirt pretty quickly and then we all went out to Maggie Moo’s for ice cream afterward. After a nice little sugar rush and lengthy fall down from a hummingbird’s high, I went with Viv back to her place for a dip in the pool and some Papa John’s pizza, which wound up showing up an hour or two late and thus becoming free.

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