Work and play in Lincoln

IMGP2088.jpg Mom and Dad try out a Land and Sky bed

It’s been a pretty full week with mom and dad here in town. On Thursday, we had Viv over to play with the Wii. I made sandwiches for dinner and then we went to Mike and Bekah’s for dessert. Some of Bekah’s family was visiting, and between the lot of us we had more than our share of native Californians, which naturally led to discussions about earthquakes, artichokes, and Disneyland. Today, after lunch with some of dad’s colleagues from academia, mom and dad came by Land and Sky afterwards to try out a couple of our all-natural beds. They seemed to like our one model with memory foam the best. All they need is a good rope now to strap it to the top of the van and haul it back east to North Carolina.

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