Big Campers and Black Bean Chili

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I’ve been having some fun in Lincoln this week for a change. On Thursday, I got to check out some enormous RVs for a project we’ve been doing on at work. I got to shoot Allison trying out an air mattress to show postural support, but mostly we simply gawked at these luxurious monstrosities on wheels. These things were absolutely huge, with all the amenities you’d expect to find in a nice home: living rooms with foldaway couches, plasma TVs, giant bedroom areas with ceiling fans and beside radios, and all sorts of extras that Allison and me drooling. Most of these “vehicles” cost more than most homes here in Lincoln, and I could certain see myself traveling across the country and living it up in one of these things.

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That evening, Viv drove down to Lincoln and made me some delicious black bean chili and cornbread for a romantic dinner together. Afterwards (at least one hour, of course) we went swimming down at the clubhouse pool until they kicked us out. Then returned home to watch some of my goofy home movies.


The next day, I got together with a bunch of my bible study friends from Northpointe to say goodbye to Amy, who’s moving to Michigan to pursue her Master’s Degree at Michigan State. (Yes, you guys, I actually do have friends in Lincoln, too!) Thursday was Dairy Queen’s “Miracle Treat Day,” and they donated all proceeds from every Blizzard sold to the Children’s Miracle Network. It was a good excuse to get together and pig out on ice cream, “for the children” of course.

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