Summer in Vegas: Part 3


I’ve kept myself quite busy during the last couple of days in Las Vegas. I’ve gotten more than my share done in walking up and down the strip, taking time to check out the fountains at the Bellagio and snap pictures of some of the interesting characters I saw on the strip along the way. On Friday I took the Deuce downtown to check out the Fremont Street light show, which was quite enjoyable. I was actually able to see two shows while I was there, both before and after a steak, shrimp, and sushi buffet at the Fremont.

IMG_2455.JPG IMG_2495.JPG

I’ve managed to find time to do actual work, too, however. My responsibility on Friday and Saturday was to pack up our things from the trade show and get it all on a palette to have hauled out of here.

IMG_2523.JPG Chowing down at Inn-n-Out

Saturday afternoon, I treated myself to lunch at Inn-n-Out burger, which was a convenient fifteen minute walk from the Monté Carlo. The place was packed, and I was amazed at how a simple burger and fried restaurant could be “standing room only” when i arrived. Anyone who eats here knows why, though. Everything is made fresh, and you could see them cutting down actual potatoes for the french fries. I ate them with ketchup, of course, the way all normal people do. I was able to chill a while and catch up on my reading before the flight back home.

And here the sun sets over Vegas for the last time for me this year.
Goodbye, Sin City! I’ll see you again in January.

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