All Greek to me

Viv with a gyro IMG_3814.JPG

This weekend, Omaha hosted a Greek festival down on the riverfront, where they had Greek folk dancing and lots of food to enjoy. On Friday I went down there with Viv and joined a number of our friends as we watched kids dressed up in festive costumes doing a variety of elaborate line-dances. We ate gyros and a tiropita before jumping into the mix ourselves to dance with the rest of them before heading on over to JNO.

Viv and I did some clothes shopping Saturday and them spent some quality time hanging out in my apartment in Lincoln, where I got to ruin some laundry by leaving an inkpen in one of my pockets. Viv got a laundry tip from her mom: using hairspray to get the ink out. We’re trying that now and keeping our fingers crossed. I took Viv downtown for a late dinner at Lazlo’s as a cold front started blowing in.

Happy new dad IMG_3845.JPG

On Sunday, we also stopped by for a beautiful day for Lindy in the Park. It was cool and cloudy, and I was able to dance for an hour or two without even breaking a sweat for once. Greg and Lindsey stopped by with their adorable new baby. A cute squirrel also skittered by collecting nuts for the winter, trying in vain to get my Chris, who wouldn’t be moved from his spot on the concrete steps for a rodent.

IMG_3872.JPG IMG_3880.JPG

Viv and I wound up returning to the Greek festival with Dan Wondra, where I got to try souvlaki and baklava. Afterwards, we got to try dancing to some of the Greek music ourselves and some of the rocking Jazz out by Rick’s cafe afterwards. Dan tried out a few moves with Vivian and then showed them to me before we headed home.

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