Changing Seasons

IMG_4274.JPGThe seasons are beginning to change at last. The leaves are changing colors and the cool, sweet smell of autumn is in the air once again. It’s the perfect weather now for walking, bike rides, or spending entire days in Omaha with Vivian and friends.

On Wednesday, the Friendship Program had their open house. The Friendship Program Is a non-profit adult day program and center for people with disabilities, and it’s where Vivian works every day. I’ve been there a couple times to demonstrate swing dancing for their participants and it was great to be there again. They had a bake sale, a raffle, and a talent show for their participants, which was great fun. Viv’s mom also stopped by and had time to French-braid her hair, something I’m learning how to do now.

IMG_4301.JPG IMG_4329.JPG

The weekend provided some great weather for enjoying the great outdoors, taking long walks and Lindy in the Park. The little yellow leaves looked so pretty as they tumbled from the overhanging trees like confetti.

IMG_4357.JPG IMG_4370.JPG

After the dance, I wet to Vivian’s parents’ house for a barbecue with their friend Keith. This week, Vivian, Keith, and Vivian’s dad all have birthdays, so we had a cookout to celebrate them all together. Vivian’s mom made a delicious hot tub cake for Keith, who apparently can’t get enough of his bubbling wonder. Afterwards, Viv’s mom gave me a much needed haircut so I could look somewhat professional again on the job.

Another great weekend all around. This week I’ll be gearing up for not one, not two, but three nights of Vivian’s birthday! You can be sure pictures and news will follow.

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