Jitterbug Birthdays

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Over the weekend, we had our fair share of birthdays among our friends with the Omaha Jitterbugs. On Friday, Micah got to have her birthday Jam and Jitterbugs’ night out. It felt great to be back at the Eagle’s Lodge for another typical late night of dancing with friends in the old cow town. Becky and Merinda, unfortunately, didn’t show up until afterwards, but we got to celebrate a joint birthday party with them down in Bellevue.

Ben tries to suffocate Kevin Playing Halo on the big screen

We discussed creating an electronic database to help catalog Merinda’s extensive collection of purses, which Kevin would be writing in XML is Ben doesn’t smother him with a pillow first. Troy played Halo 3 on his giant screen in the basement for our amusement while the rest of us amused ourselves with a flying chicken and drinking some dangerously delicious strawberry daquiris courtesy of Merinda’s blender.

I couldn’t think of any better way to spend a Friday night, and our weekend was just getting started. Thank goodness for being able to sleep in.



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