Say a prayer for the Beige Bomber

IMG_4691.JPGIf you guys could say a quick prayer for my little 97 Taurus, known affectionately as the Beige Bomber, I would appreciate it. As I mentioned in a previous post, it’s been working overtime getting me to and from Omaha to see Vivian and our mutual friends from Terra Nova, GAMe, and the Omaha Jitterbugs. Now after around 117k miles, it’s starting to get show signs of wear. On Thursday, the alternator went out and left me on the side of I-80 with a dead battery around midnight. I got this fixed on Friday in Lincoln and thought everything would be cool when I returned to Omaha. Unfortunately the check engine light went on just minutes after leaving Lincoln to go to JNO in Omaha. Then on Sunday, Viv and I both heard a rattling under the hood, just before the battery light came on and the power steering went out. It’s recovering at the Walker Tire on 84th and Dodge right now, and we’ll find out tonight it will be drivable again (and what the damages will be). In the meantime, I’m at work courtesy of a ride from a co-worker who commutes to Omaha, but I’m without transportation until this thing gets fixed. In the meantime, a prayer or two for the beige bomber would be greatly appreciated.

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