Record JNO and Painting a Plate

After what can only be described as a challenging week at work, it was absolutely wonderful to drive on up to Omaha for a fun-filled night at JNO once again. Viv, Eric, Dan, and I went off to Jazz near the Old Market to grab some dinner before heading up to the Eagle’s Lodge for a record-setting crowd at Jitterbugs’ Night Out.

IMG_6657.JPG IMG_6663.JPG

There were 190 people in attendance tonight, which was a great turnout considering we had no live band, no special promotions, no special anything to set tonight aside from any other swing night. Dan and David got set right away scaring off the newcomers by doing the Lindy Hop together to a song that could only have been meant for Balboa. “This tempo will kill us!” Dan said. “Oh what the hell, let’s do it.”

It was also time for Sarah Meade’s birthday jam (and Josie’s too) which meant lots of pictures from every angle as the two of them took to the dance floor.

IMG_6702.JPG IMG_6710.JPG

Saturday was an especially fun day for Vivian and me, as we both went down to Lincoln to make a plate together at Paint Yourself Silly in the Haymarket. We’d talked about doing this for quite a while, and we wound up spending six hours working on the little thing. We spent at least two or three hours just painting in the text, which needed three coats to sit properly, but it turned out very nice. I can’t wait to see it fired and all colorful when it’s done.

Afterwards, I took Vivian down to the Starlight lounge and bought her a chocolate truffle martini to celebrate the occasion. I also had my first single malt scotch, a Glenlivet (solely due to its prominence in the novel Magic Kingdom for Sale: Sold) that was pungent enough to set Vivian up on her head when she let one drop touch her tongue.

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