Church shopping

IMG_7491.JPGIt felt great to go back to Jitterbugs Night Out again on Friday this week. I missed last week’s dance because I was stuck in Las Vegas wrapping up a trade show (literally). The week before that, I only came and danced for about an hour, so I was quite ready for a nice, long night of dancing. Viv and I came early to help set up before the lesson, and then I rushed off across the river to grab some dinner, some gas, and a car wash before coming back to dance the night away. It was a great evening, and Vivian and I got to have a special “engagement jam” right after the announcements.

080210_114051.jpgI took Saturday off so I could catch up on a couple things that have been neglected since my proposal and trip to Las Vegas, such as laundry and other such mundane things. I returned to Omaha on Sunday so I could go to church with Vivian down at the Twin Valley Church in Bellevue. Vivian and her mom had found this place while hunting for churches for our wedding. We came on Sunday mostly to case the joint, but it turned out to be quite a friendly place, and we both really liked the pastor. We’re hoping to have my esteemed Uncle Ben Geho perform the ceremony for the two of us, once the big day rolls around.

And just so you all know, it’s going to be July 19, 2008. Mark your calendars!

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