Valentine’s Weekend

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It’s been another busy week up in Omaha, with plenty of dancing and romantic antics to go around. Thursday was Valentine’s Day, and I called several nice restaurants a couple days in advance hoping to make reservations. They were all booked, so I had to brainstorm for a Plan B. I wound with a much better plan: getting a room at the Clarion Hotel so Vivian and I could make use of their jacuzzi. With temperatures around four degrees, it was the perfect night to sit in a bubbling hot tub, and we had the pool room all to ourselves for the rest of the evening. There was an Austin’s Steakhouse next door, so we got some take-out steak dinners that we enjoyed with some sweet wine I had been saving from James Arthur Vineyards. It was very romantic all around, and it all came together nearly by accident!

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I spent Friday doing stuff in Omaha, having a sushi lunch with Vivian and then hitting a local thrift store to get some new clothes for the Pink Party at Jitterbugs that night. I was able to find a groovy pink tie-dye t-shirt and a pink ball cap with a peace sign in rhinestones printed on the front. The girls all seemed to love it, even though I thought outfit made me look quite gay, even when I wasn’t dancing with Dean.

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More dancing ensued on Saturday night as a bunch of the Omaha Jitterbugs made their way down to Lincoln. USA Dance was having their monthly ballroom dance in Antelope Park, so the lot of us got to learn how to Tango that evening and try out a number of other ballroom dances throughout the night. Keeping with tradition, we crashed at a Village Inn afterwards, getting some slices of pie for donating just $1 to Jerry’s Kids. It was quite a nice way to wrap up a romantic weekend. All I needed was a rose to put between my teeth as I tangoed back to the car.

Sunday was also Vivian’s parents’ 30th Anniversary, so give a big “congratulations” to them. They were kind enough to take Vivian and me out ot Vincenzo’s to have some Italian food and reminisce about the last year.

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