A halfway date

IMG_7880.JPGSince Vivian lives in Omaha, and I live in Lincoln (a good fifty minutes from her front door), we’ve invented a thing called the “halfway date.” This is where we both agree to meet somewhere halfway between Lincoln and Omaha for a date that could easily take place on a weeknight, where one of us won’t have to commit nearly two hours to a commute.

Naturally, there’s isn’t much between Lincoln and Omaha to see other than rolling farmland. There is the cute little town of Ashland, where Vivian and I went exploring for our first halfway date. This time around, I took her to Mahoney State Park, where we got to watch the sunset from on top of a tall observation tower. The view was spectacular, but temperatures being around nine degrees, it wasn’t long before we lost all feeling in our ears, noses, and fingers and had to run back to the car.

IMG_7905.JPGWe had a nice steak dinner afterwards at the Kiewit Lodge, and then drove into West Omaha to see the Spiderwick Chronicles at Village Point. Omaha’s grown so far west that it practically right around the corner when we drove in from Gretna. On the way back, we dropped by Elkhorn to see if we could find a stretch of the original Lincoln Highway. The Lincoln Highway was the first intercontinental highway stretching from New York City to San Francisco, and a good portion of it ran right through Nebraska. I’ve been very interested in this piece of American history for a while now, and finding this little stretch of original brick road was a bit of a treasure hunt. We eventually found it hiding underneath an overpass off Highway 31, and once we drove down a ways, we even found one of those original concrete highway markers.

On Saturday, Vivian spent her day trying on wedding dresses, and she finally settled on one, which she picked out on Monday. I’ll have to wait until July to post pictures of that.

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  1. Smirking Cat

    For some reason I have always seemed to date people who lived an hour away. It was like a requirement. The halfway date is a good idea, feels like a getaway. Now I live with my boyfriend, so I broke my long-distance streak 🙂


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