Easter Weekend

I spent Friday and Saturday in Lincoln this weekend, reaffirming my theory that there is absolutely nothing to do in this town (other than go bar-hopping, which isn’t my thing). Vivian and our Mutual Friends of Hugh got to have an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday night, and if I can bully Vivian into updating her blog, you all might get to see some of the pictures she took while she was there. (You can keep an eye on her Flickr account, too).

IMG_8136.JPGOn Sunday, I celebrated Easter with Vivian and her parents at their home in Bellevue. Our friend Eric stopped by and joined us, mostly to get pictures as Vivian started an impromptu food fight and smeared whipped cream all over my face. As is usually the case at Vivian’s, we all stuffed ourselves with food, mostly hors d’oeuvres with before even touching the main course. Vivian had the little meat roll ups I love so much, deviled eggs, and a whole variety of cheese (including that stinky breed that she likes for some reason). For dinner, we got to have ham with a delicious cherry glaze, cheese rolls, and loads of other things including Pistachio marshmallow Jello dessert salad.

IMG_8144.JPGAfter the meal, I helped set up the video game Vivian got her dad for Christmas. It was one of those stand-alone Pac-Man Arcade consoles that you have to connect to the back of your TV with AV cords. It took a few minutes to set up since we didn’t know how to hook it up through the DVD or VCR, but once I managed to get it working, Vivian couldn’t get enough of it. She really seemed to like Pole Position.



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