It’s been another busy weekend in the wild world of wedding plans. On Friday, I actually enjoyed myself by going to an AIGA event that got canceled. Chip Kidd was supposed to come and give a talk at Bellevue University, but due to weather and a plane with mechanical problems (thank you, American Airlines,) he never made it. We still had some great refreshments and then went down to the Nomad Lounge to hang out and have drinks afterwards.

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Jitterbugs Night Out was held at St. John’s again, and it was great to be back and dance again after another crazy week at the office. David came down from Sioux Falls to show the ladies how to back-bend, and we got to hear some good and funky 70s music toward the end of the night. We also got a mighty impressive jam circle going, which I was able to capture on video.

IMG_7839.JPGOur time on Saturday and Sunday were gobbled up mostly getting registered at Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Viv and I dropped by a bridal shop in Bellevue to pick out my style of tuxedo and try on tiaras. Then it was off to the BB&B to spend six hours zapping items for our wish list with our little pricing gun. It was fun, once we got moving, but the sales team at 3B seemed particularly geared for showing us every single set of dishes and flatware in the entire store, obviously hoping to wear us down to the point where we’d take anything just to get outside and enjoy the 62-degree weather and sunlight once again.

Brie from Petaluma!Sunday, of course, brought freezing snow once again, as it typical in Nebraska. Vivian and I still managed to make it down to Target to register for even more items for our wish list. Viv added an iPod Nano to the list, just in case any of our guests happen to be particularly generous. We also found some brie from Petaluma, Vivian’s home down. That went on the list as well.

All-in-all, it was a fairly productive weekend. We did have to schedule some time to be goofy. Jenny had Natalie over to watch All about Eve, so I had the chance to show them the benefits of owning a Mac with Photo Booth. We were up until nearly midnight taking 400 pictures of ourselves being goofy, nearly filling my laptop’s tiny hard drive to capacity. I put them together in a little video when we were done.

The Last Goodnight — Pictures Of You



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