Apartments and Cheesecake

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It was a busy weekend for some of our Omaha Jitterbugs. They hosted a weekend of swing dancing and workshops from some Cowtown veterans: Peter Loggins, Mia Goldsmith, Shannon, and Bill Butler. Vivian and I just went for “regular old JNO” on Friday night, which happened to include a Jack and Jill dance competition, which was fun to watch. Afterwards, practically the entire Eagle’s Lodge wound up going to Village Inn. I squeezed into a table with Eric, Dan, Meg, Ben, Vivian, and our friend David from Sioux Falls. We also managed to fill three other tables with Jitterbugs that night. With this extra business, we’ll probably pull VI out of bankruptcy.

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Saturday was a pretty eventful day for Vivian and me. We took a look at a couple more apartments and finally settled on one to call our new home. We signed the application and should have a one-year lease all taken care of this week. It wasn’t an easy decision—every place we looked at had something to offer—but this our new home will offer the best of just about everything. We returned home for a private blues dance lesson with our friend David, and then Vivian made some yummy cheesecake for her mom for Mother’s Day.

We rounded off the night eating spicy breakfast burritos and watching The Village on DVD. That was a nightmare-inspiring combination if I’ve ever heard one.

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