Moving on up!

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It was an historic weekend in the life of Matt Johnson. I just got a new job in Omaha, and after six long years of living at Fountain Glen, I’m finally moving out! A bunch of my amazing friends from the Omaha Jitterbugs came to help me move all of my worldly possessions into a fourteen foot trailer, then move them all up the World’s Most Annoying Staircase to our new second-floor apartment in Omaha. I expected the ordeal to take all day, but after just a couple sweaty, exhausting hours, we were stuffing our faces with Papa Murphy’s upstairs and then heading back to Vivian’s place for a celebratory swim. Every weather forecast had been predicting rain all weekend long, but the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. It was one of those rare occasions when I was grateful that they couldn’t predict the weather accurately even one day in advance.

IMG_9521.JPGThe rest of our three-day weekend was about as nice as you could expect: dinner at the Brazen Head Pub after our swim, then Lindy in the Park on Sunday. Cliff brought some great cheddar wurst dogs, and we got to have Ted and Wally’s ice cream afterwards. The weather went from cold and cloudy to hot and muggy within an eye blink. It makes you wonder what happened to spring.

I now have one more week to scrub down my apartment before turning my keys back to the management, and I have just two more weeks at Land and Sky before I start my new job in Omaha. Before long, I’ll be married. Boy, when things change, they change fast.

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