Signing the lease

IMG_9252.JPGVivian and I signed the lease on our new two-bedroom apartment last week, so now it’s official: I’m moving up to Omaha! It’s been an insanely busy week as I’ve been packing and digging through years of old stuff in my apartment. I’ve thrown out loads of old comics and magazines, I’ve donated dozens of books to our local library, and I’m still discovering more junk to dig through. It’s going to be a monumental challenge to cram all of this stuff into one new place, especially since we’ve discovered our new home’s utter lack of closet space. It’s all a part of marital bliss, I suppose.

IMG_9341.JPG IMG_9310.JPG

All this packing up means I’ve had to miss out on a couple fun things in Omaha, such as Eric’s first campfire party and an impromptu barbecue at Hugh’s. However, I couldn’t possibly miss the first Lindy in the Park of 2008! I drove up to the Gene Leahy Mall and enjoyed a couple hours of dancing with a nice big crowd. The weather was perfect for it, too.

Afterwards, Vivian and I dropped by Nebraska Furniture Mart to try out a Land and Sky latex bed. We dropped by the apartment afterwards to unpack a couple things and start filling out the “what’s wrong with this apartment” sheet for the landlords. It seems our previous tenants broke the garbage disposal by stuffing it with a number of foreign objects.

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