Another Whirlwind Week

IMG_0324.JPGIt’s been another whirlwind week in Omaha (pun intended), preparing for a wedding and dealing with a fifteen minute storm that sent half the city into darkness over the weekend.

On Monday night, I got to visit Robin and Tim, some of Vivian’s old friends who are breaking free of dreary small town life and coming back to Omaha where they belong. We got together to have pizza with an old friend of Tim’s, who turned out of be one of my graduating class from Lincoln Christian in 1996: Amy Welte. It was a surprise to see her after, let’s see, 12 years.

We watched the Ringer while little Danny got to run around and steal my wallet, my camera, and Vivian’s cell phone while we weren’t looking. He spent the rest of his time playing with the dish washer and being insufferably cute as I tried to take his picture.

IMG_0359.JPGOn Friday afternoon, we had another adventure in weather in Omaha. A violent thunderstorm ripped through the city Friday afternoon, tearing trees to pieces and knocking out the power to more than half the city in a matter of minutes. Our new apartment was left virtually untouched, but Vivian’s mom was trapped at the Gifford Farm where she works when a tree and a live power line came down and blocked the entrance for several hours. The Eagle’s Lodge was just fine, so the few of us who ventured downtown got to enjoy Jitterbugs Night Out, as usual, though nearly everything west was pitch black. The next day, we had traffic lights off all over town, and some of them still haven’t come back on.

On Saturday, Vivian and I had an impromptu garage sale with her neighbor, Toni. We’re still trying to make room in our new apartment, and it felt good to clear some space and bring in enough cash to buy a lunch or two together before the end of the day.

IMG_0375.JPG IMG_0389.JPG

On Sunday, we found time to stop by Lindy in the Park for some lovely outdoor dancing. We dropped by Zesto’s for lunch before getting to the more mundane tasks, such as writing our wedding vows. After picking up the bread from Panera for Friendship Program, Vivian made us both a lovely dinner with spaghetti and bread with olive oil and seasonings for dipping. All we needed were a couple candles for a very romantic dinner in our new home.

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