From sunrise to sunset

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Vivian and I got to have some fun on the weekend. Our friend Jim threw a barbecue at his house, so we got to grill up a bunch of meat and watch I am Legend on a big makeshift screen made from a bedsheet outdoors. Vivian and Venche also had the bright idea of sneaking into the basement to fill a couple of water balloons and launch an aquatic war on all the unsuspecting males outside. Jim even invited me up on the roof of his house so I could get a couple pictures of a gorgeous sunset as he played a game of catch.

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Speaking of which, Vivian and I got to watch both the sunset and the sunrise together on Saturday. We got up bright and early to drive down to Bellevue and watch the sun peek out from behind the trees across the Missouri River. Then I got a couple more snapshots of the sun dropping back down west of Papillion at the end of a very long day.

Check out the video from Jim’s cookout.

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