Goodbye, Land and Sky

Out for one last drink with the gang
On Friday last week, I finally said “goodbye” to Land and Sky after four long years. Much has changed since I joined the company in 2004, more than I could put into one blog posting. My flexible, part-time schedule with the company allowed me to fill my extra days with freelance work and drawing comics. During this time, I met loads of friends on Comic Genesis and made a comic five days a week that changed my life. I was able to travel to Las Vegas with the company on five separate occasions. That gave me a taste for travel that led me to visit St. Louis, Toronto, and London with my comic friends. I was a one-man marketing team for four years, updating websites, doing all of our brochures, and taking care of everything you could think of in regards to promoting our “specialty sleep systems.”

It was certainly a roller coaster ride, and now it’s finally come to an end. On Monday, I start fresh with a whole new career in Omaha. I’ll be living roughly ten minutes away from my new home, and I’ll be much closer to all my Jitterbug friends here in Cowtown, not to mentioned my soon-to-be wife Vivian.


It was a fairly eventful weekend even without the job change. Vivian had two bridal showers and came home with a carload of gifts from our generous friends. On Sunday morning, we got to wake up with the rest of Omaha to some tornado sirens. We hid downstairs in the basement laundry room trying to find some news about the storm on one of the worthless local radio stations. None of them had any live reports, of course, so I had to go back upstairs eventually to see what was happening on the Internet of all places. Nothing around our apartments was damaged, but we did get a little less sleep than usual.

Sunday afternoon, Vivian and I dropped by Taste of Omaha on the way to Lindy in the Park. They had dozens of pavilions set up along the riverfront on the way to the Gene Leahy Mall. Village Inn was there with pies on sale, so I got to gorge on a slice of triple-berry and some strawberry crepes. Vivian found a booth with some stretchy printed polyester outerwear and another that printed the meanings of our first names on a piece of paper.

IMG_9997.JPG IMG_0001.JPG

Afterwards, we dropped by Eric’s place to play Frisbee in his living room and eat jambalaya together in his kitchen. It was a very spacious place, and Eric and Ben seemed to have fewer personal possessions than I was keeping in the back corner of my closet, so we had loads of room to stretch out. We also started making naughty phrases with the plastic letters on the fridge, and for some reason Eric made Vivian and me go stand in the corner.



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