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Vivian had I had a great time on Saturday night. Jenny, Tamra, and Pam had a big housewarming party, inviting us and a whole bunch of our mutual friends over to check out their new house in northwest Omaha. It had been pouring rain just a few minutes before we arrived, but the clouds seemed to part just as we arrived, and the weather couldn’t have been nicer. We had a nearly-constant game of badminton and frisbee going on in the giant backyard. The girls broke out some hula hoops and later blew some giant soap bubbles.

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Some of us went out front to drew outlines of ourselves with chalk on the driveway. It was as much fun for us “grown ups” as it was for the three and five year old neighbor boys who came over to join in. Before long, the sun went down, so we retreated to the porch for some dancing and then headed inside to play a game of Cranium together.

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Olin kept his long-held tradition of annoying a girl at the end of a party. This time, he chose Jeny, and gave her a good soaking with a bottle of water. She got to try out a new glare on him that I was able to capture for the amusement of everybody present. Those of us who stayed after midnight to the end got to have some of Jenny’s amazing seven-layer Jell-O.

Watch the video!

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  1. Jenny

    wow, that is a very unattractive look on my face, but it still just cracks me up. I am so happy so many people came and that you guys had a good time!


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