The last week of bachelorhood

IMG_0684.JPGIt’s my last week as a single man, and it’s going by fast. Both Vivian and I had a fun weekend together. We had our last date as an unmarried couple on Thursday, feasting at Khan’s Mongolian Barbecue in Bellevue and then watching Wall•E at the Twin Creek Cinema.

On Friday night, we had a 50s-style Ice Cream Social at the Eagle’s Lodge. I got to break out my leather jacket for the first time in a couple months and brave the 90+ degree heat. It wasn’t easily trying to stay cool while swing dancing in that thing in the middle of July, but I honestly didn’t sweat much more than usual, and any of my follows can attest to that.

IMG_0692.JPG IMG_0692.JPG

On Saturday night, I got to have my bachelor party down at Dave & Buster’s. It was hosted by my best man Nathan and a bunch of my truly awesome friends. These guys made it a night to remember, and I didn’t even have to do some blackmail-worthy stunts at a strip club while hammered on fruity cocktails. For the record, I had a Walk the Plank, an Appletini, a Mai Tai, and a Schizzle, in that order. Afterwards, we got to play a bunch of the games together, from air hockey to multiple racing games, to old school Donkey Kong to that DDR rip-off they had in the corner. I also learned not to try “Advanced Synthesis 2” in the training mode. That was nuts.

We went down to Mockingbird Lanes after midnight for some dark-light bowling. Eric was in constant communication with Venche throughout the night to track Vivian’s movements about town. She was apparently up to more mischief than we were, since Venche seemed to think our trip to the bowling alley was “lame” by comparison.

One more week before the big day.

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