Back in the swing of things

Vivian and I have been getting settled into married life the last couple of weeks, which is treating us just fine, thank you very much for asking. The new job’s been going great, and even the weather here during the dog days of summer has been fairly tame.

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On Friday night, Vivian and I went out with some of our Jitterbug friends to Burger Star on 72nd and Pacific. It’s a rockstar-themed restaurant, complete with a working version of Guitar Hero 3 avaiable to play on a giant flat screen TV. Your order burgers with custom toppings on a little checklist that they send to the kitchen on a pulley, which is fun. We had a good time stuffing ourselves silly before heading on down to JNO. The Jitterbugs had booked the Grand Marquis, so we got to enjoy some great Kansas City swing music at the dance, which was terrific. Dan Wondra also entertained us by drawing an impromptu caricature of our friend Jessica on the paper tablecloth. She like it so much that she cut it out and took it home with her.

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On Saturday night, Vivian and I had our first group date with a couple other couples, including her longtime friends Dennis and Kara. We gorged on a giant pizza down at Zio’s and then dropped by Dave & Busters to splurge on a bunch of video games. It was quite cool hanging out with a few couples for a change, since most of our friends seem to be single. On Sunday, I was finally able to bring Vivian back to Lindy in the Park for a little dancing downtown. We were only there for about an hour Lindy Hopping on the pavement, and when it was all over, Ben amused us with some swinging of his own… on a tree branch.

On Monday night, Vivian and I dropped in at GAMe to see some of our other single friends and check out the progress on finishing the basement of 1314 Jones Street. We went out for martinis afterward, having just enough alcohol to get us to play on the slides on the Gene Leahy Mall. It was quite the fun little date to start off the week.

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