Mr. and Mrs. Vorticus

\Dan & Michelle get all kissyVivian and I had a big weekend in Kansas City, where I had the honor of being best man in the wedding of two close Comic Genesis friends: Michelle “Dragonmajik” Mayo and Dan “Vorticus” Zastrow. I got to meet them both in person for the first time at the Comic Genesis cookout in 2006, and I was there to witness their first date at the cookout last year in 2007. It was quite an amazing experience to witness such big moments in a couple’s life even know we all live hundreds of miles apart from each other.

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The big weekend started on Friday when Vivian and I left early to come down to Kansas City and participate in the wedding rehearsal. I got to meet Dan and Michelle’s families for the first time, and afterward we all went out to dinner at Ryan’s. It felt good to catch up with them and see what craziness has been happening on Comic Genesis in my absence. Dan’s brothers and I absconded with him afterward to have a makeshift bachelor party with his dad down at Dave and Buster’s, which we were able to find eventually, no thanks to Google Maps (which led us on a wild goose chance downtown and then scrambling for exits to get to west Kansas City).

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The main event on Saturday was just lovely. I and the other groomsmen got to wear Hawaiian shirts as we bore witness to the union of the couple, and after having several hundred pictures taken, got to blow bubbles at the couple on the way out the door. Vivian, along with Dan’s brothers, had taken the liberty of decorating the groom’s getaway car before the ceremony (with minimal damage, I hope).

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Next on the agenda came the reception, where I had the honor of giving the new couple a toast after we stuffed ourselves with prime rib and potatoes. That and the sugar-laden cake gave us enough energy for some serious dancing throughout the night. The couple went first, then the bride and her father, and finally the groom and his mom did a little Jitterbugging before the rest of us took the floor. I got to work up a sweat and work off a few calories from the evening meal before the bride and groom made their eventual escape.

Drawing with Fading Aura Jack Stack's Barbecue

Once we got the reception hall tidied up, Vivian and I did a little exploring with our Comic Genesis friend “Fading Aura.” We dropped by a World Market to check out a wide selection of Missouri wines, and then made our way downtown in a vain search for a coffee shop in the midst of the busy bar district. We eventually crashed at the lounge of the Marriott to draw comics on a napkin while sipping Bailey’s and hot chocolate together until midnight.

The next day, Vivian and I got to tour the beautiful Country Club Plaza, ducking into interesting little shops along the Spanish-themed streets. We had some delicious Kansas City barbecue for lunch at Jack Stack, finishing it all off with some warm and gooey carrot cake before driving back home.

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Vorticus! Here’s to a long and happy life together.

Video from Dan and Michelle’s wedding day

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