Jillian’s Farewell

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This past weekend, Vivian and I bid farewell to our friend and fellow swing-dancer Jillian. We’ve met her only recently through swing dancing, but she has also worked at the French Cafe in the Old Market for a couple years and remembers when I took Vivian there for our first date. Now she’s moving to New York City to go to culinary school, so a bunch of us gathered together over the weekend to say goodbye.

On Saturday, Vivian and I braved icy roads to spent the afternoon at Jillian’s house in Council Bluffs. We spent most of the afternoon and evening eating delicious hors d’oeuvres and playing an extensive sound of Apples to Apples. We got back together on Sunday afternoon at Ted & Wally’s for some mid-winter ice cream. More of our friends dropped in to play Fluxx together while the sun went down. Sarah Little brought a pack of Nano Fictionary cards that looked like fun, but we really needed an audience larger than the three of us at the end of the table to play the game properly. We spent dinner together at the Panera on 78th and Dodge, which was convenient since Vivian has to pick up donation bread there every Sunday. That gave us a few more hours to goof around, eat soup and sandwiches.

Good luck in “New Yawk,” Jillian! We’ll miss you back here in Nebraska.

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