The Cheese Party

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Over the weekend, Vivian and I got to host our long-anticipated Cheese Party at our apartment. Around a dozen people dropped by with samples of unusual cheesy comestibles, and we all got to vote on our favorites. Vivian did some great work researching the “proper” way to eat cheese, with served it up with individual knives for every cheese and slices of a baguette to cleanse the palette between samples. Other friends brought bottles of wine, which we got to enjoy together liberally as Vivian whipped up some five-cheese lasagna for dinner. I put together a list of insanely difficult cheese trivia questions, and we handed out prizes for the guest who got the most questions right. We also had a prize for guessing the number of cheese cubes in a glass vase and a cheese ball cap went to Venche for bringing the most popular cheese.

We stayed up late watching an especially cheesy Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie: The Horror of Party Beach. A handful of us stuck around afterward to play with Apple’s photo booth connected to our flat-screen TV, producing over a thousand snapshots of silliness that lasted until two in the morning.

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On Sunday, Vivian and I dropped by our friend Sarah’s place to help her move into her new apartment. There was pizza for everyone afterward, and we got to hear Ben screeching out a couple notes on Sarah’s viola while we was running to pick it up from Godfather’s. We got the Wii hooked up afterward, giving us a chance to goof around with Wario Ware: Smooth Moves and a couple rounds of Bungee Buddies before heading home.

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